April 13, 18:00 on Tbilisi time

Free education in the Czech Republic

Free webinar about education in the Czech Republic. Find out how to prepare for admission and study at a Czech university for free.


Are you looking for education in Europe for yourself or your child?
We will tell you how to enter a Czech university on a state-funded basis in our webinar for parents and children on Thursday, April 13. The webinar starts at 18:00 on Tbilisi time. Webinar guest is a speaker from the Czech Republic — Radim Knobloch, director of the Association Educational Center.
You will learn about preparation programs for admission to Czech universities, opportunities during and after studies.

During the webinar we will discuss:

How to enter a Czech university for free education

Is it possible to work while studying

Expenses for livingand preparation

Preparation programs for admission

Free registration

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The event will be presented in English language.

Why should you study in the Czech Republic?


High level of quality

The Czech Republic ranks 10th in the world for the quality of education. At the same time, the cost of living here is much lower than in America, Canada and many EU countries.


Free education

Studying in Czech is free in all state universities. It is not difficult to learn the language — we also offer Czech language courses.


Friendly environment

The Czech Republic is a safe and welcoming country for international students, with many universities offering support services, language courses and job placement.

Presentation speakers


Radim Knobloch,director of the Association Educational Center, Prague, Czech Republic

The Association's educational center prepares foreign students for admission to public universities in the Czech Republic. Over 10 years of work, more than 1000 students from different countries have successfully passed exams and entered universities with the support of the Association.


Tata Kozyryeva,psychologist and teen career coach, managing partner of Eruditus 

▪️ Helped over 860 students get into the best schools and universities in the USA, England, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy.▪️ Сertified coach (Case Western Reserve University, USA).▪️ Regularly inspects educational institutions around the world, has inspected schools in the UK, colleges in Vancouver, and universities in Holland.▪️ Certified career coach (Magellano University, Italy).

Take a step to the education of your dreams!

Sign up for a webinar to find out about education in the Czech Republic.
The event will be presented in English language.

Event organizer

Eruditus is an international educational company based in Ukraine. We have been engaged in education abroad for more than 10 years. During this time we have helped more than 4000+ students to go to study, and we get a lot of feedback on our YouTube channel and Instagram.

We help you choose a country, an educational institution abroad, as well as conduct professional orientation guidance to choose a studying program to suit your interests and abilities. We prepare all documents together with you and stay in touch even after admission.

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