February 21, 19:00 (Tbilisi)


Free webinar by the Business & Hotel Management School, top Swiss university in the field of hospitality and luxury business.

Education in Switzerlandwith a paid internship

If the idea of "Less theory, more practice" is suitable for you, be sure to attend our webinar about higher education in Switzerland.
On February 21 at 19:00 we will tell you about education in Switzerland from B.M.H.S. Business & Hotel Management School, the leading Swiss university in the field of hotel and restaurant, luxury business, and culinary arts.
Join us and find out if education in this field is suitable for you or your child and what is needed to apply.


During the webinar we will discuss:

For whom education in the hospitality industry is suitable

We will tell about education in the fields of hotel and restaurant, luxury businessand culinary arts.

Academic programsand admission requirements

What study programs does Business & Hotel Management School offer, how much does it cost to study, and what is required for admission.

Paid internships in Switzerland

You will find out how students can get a paid internship and return up to 30% of their investment in education.

Career prospectsafter graduation

You will find out which companies employ graduates of the Business & Hotel Management School.

Stages of preparationand answers to questions

What steps do you need to take to be successful in entering Switzerland in 2023-2024?


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Why you should knowabout B.H.M.S.

Partnerships with prestigious universities in the UK and the US– Annual guaranteed paid internships in Switzerland, Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States– Talent development and unlocking students' potential– International career and graduate employment assistance– Skills and knowledge necessary for success in various professions– Ideal location in the center of Lucerne, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland– Favorable price that includes all costs without "hidden" fees

Take a stepto the educationof your dreams!

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